Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Crew

Hey guys, long time no type.

Today I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine who's going to be helping out with the discussions and postings over here: Mr. Alex Day (nerimon). As I'm sure none of you know who this Alex person is, let me tell you a few things about him...

Alex is a musician. Alex plays in the band Chameleon Circuit, but also writes and records solo projects. Alex is a writer. He's working on his first novel now. Alex is also a huge help around DFTBA where he is currently an unpaid volunteer writing our weekly newsletter.

One of his many additional helpful duties will be working with me to keep up the post count here, and to keep you informed about upcoming fun things at DFTBA Records. Please subscribe via RSS to keep informed about sales, new releases/merch and fun polls about future DFTBA things.

Alex is the fourth volunteer to join the DFTBA team. You may already know Caitlin (MimsieSky) and Todd (Toddly00), who host our weekly DFTBA Radio Hour podcast. And Valerie (valerie2776), who helped me build the DFTBA Wiki that everyone seems to be getting into.

Please leave Alex a warm welcome (and a hello to our other volunteers) in the comments section below, because who doesn't love affirmations and attention?

Til next time, love,


  1. Hello there Mr. Day! I greatly enjoy your newsletters. They are always so exciting and cheerful!

    And nice tags Alan xD

  2. Oh, Alex! Hi! Welcome to DFTBA...well, not like you weren't a part of it before in some manner... But yes. Welcome. It makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside to know someone so awesome is helping Hank and Alan. <3

  3. LOL Kristina. You cracks me up.

    [Also Alan: my Captcha code for this was totally "Buckb". Thought you'd appreciate.]

  4. Bonjourno, volunteers!
    The newsletter, podcast and wiki are great, good job guys and gals! can't wait to hear more from you all, you always have fun and interesting thinsg to say and sell =D

  5. Our Crew is the hardest Crew that there ever was. Sharks?! Jets?! Who are they?!
    DFTBA, YO!

  6. Hey Alex!! Welcome to the crew, I guess I should say.
    Hey to the other volunteers too!! ^^

  7. Yay for Alex!

    Need any more volunteers?

  8. I always find his newsletters amusing, so I look forward to reading Alex's posts on here.

    Also HOO-RAH for Cait, Todd, and Valerie!


  9. Hey Volunteers and Hi Alan too! BlogTV tonight? See you all there! xD DFTBA

  10. mmmm. nice waking up to a piping hot plate of sarcasm.

  11. Who the eff is nerimon? :P
    Glad he is on board :)

  12. A crew you'd want on your side in a dark library aisle. =) Good job on the choices that make DFTBA so great.

  13. Are you kidding me, NOT KNOW who alex/nerimon is? WHAT?!
    Anyway I saw that he was a contributor a long time ago and was wondering when he was going to start contributing. YAY! The day is finally here.